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Ovasitol® Inositol Powder Supplement

90-day supply
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With a research-based blend of myo-inositol and d-chiro-inositol, Ovasitol is the #1 inositol supplement to support healthy insulin and hormone levels, menstrual regularity, and fertility.* 

  • 2,000 mg of myo-inositol and 50 mg of d-chiro-inositol per dose to mimic the body’s natural 40:1 ratio.  
  • Contains only myo-inositol and d-chiro-inositol. No other ingredients, fillers, or dyes.  
  • The only 40:1 inositol supplement independently tested and certified by NSF® International. 
  • Unflavored and available in a recyclable canister with a scoop or convenient single-serving packets.  

        Independently tested and certified by NSF® International. Manufactured in the USA in a GMP-compliant facility.


        Stir one packet or one leveled scoop into any hot or cold non-carbonated beverage and drink. Take two servings per day (ex: one in the morning and one in the evening).

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        What is inositol?
        Inositol is a nutrient found in fruits, beans, grains, and nuts, and it’s also made naturally by the body. Research shows that myo-inositol and D-chiro-inositol support:
      • Healthy hormone levels*
      • Healthy insulin and blood sugar levels*
      • Regular menstrual cycles*
      • Healthy ovarian function*
      • Healthy lipid levels*
      • Healthy egg quality in women trying to conceive*
      • How is Ovasitol different than other inositol supplements?
      • Ovasitol is a 100% pure inositol powder supplement. It contains only myo-inositol and D-chiro-inositol in the body’s naturally occurring ratio of 40 to 1. Recent studies have shown that taking a combination of these two forms, in this ratio, is more beneficial than taking either myo-inositol or D-chiro inositol alone.*

      • Ovasitol is the first and only 40:1 inositol supplement that’s independently tested and certified by NSF International®, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

      • Ovasitol is packaged in two ways to match your lifestyle – in a recyclable canister with a scoop or convenient, single-serving packets. It’s also unflavored, so it mixes seamlessly into any hot or cold non-carbonated beverage.
      • Who is likely to benefit from Ovasitol?
        Women trying to support menstrual regularity, ovarian function, and healthy hormone, blood sugar, and lipid levels would likely benefit from Ovasitol.* For some women trying to conceive, myo-inositol and D-chiro-inositol may also promote healthy egg quality.* Women trying to conceive should take Ovasitol along with a preconception prenatal supplement, such as  TheraNatal® Core  or TheraNatal® OvaVite .

        Men and postmenopausal women can also take Ovasitol to help support healthy insulin and blood sugar levels.*

        Can I buy Ovasitol internationally?
        If you are in Canada, you can buy Ovasitol online directly from Theralogix Canada.

        For other international countries, please contact us to find out if Theralogix products are available or can be shipped to your country. 

        How long should I take Ovasitol?
        Ovasitol is designed for continuous, long-term use. It generally takes at least three months of regular, daily use to notice menstrual benefits and at least 6 months of regular, daily use to notice skin and hair benefits.* If you’re taking Ovasitol to promote healthy egg quality, take consistently for at least six weeks.* Be sure to follow your healthcare provider’s recommendations.
        Can I continue to take Ovasitol during pregnancy?
        Yes. You can safely continue to take Ovasitol during pregnancy. In fact, research shows that myo-inositol and D-chiro-inositol can support healthy blood sugar levels during pregnancy.*
        Can I continue to take Ovasitol while breastfeeding?
        Breast milk is a natural source of inositol, and inositol is added to many infant formulas. While there are no known safety concerns with taking inositol while breastfeeding, there are currently no clinical trials that test inositol in women during lactation. Please check with your healthcare provider about whether to take Ovasitol while breastfeeding.
        Are there any side effects from Ovasitol?
        No. There are no expected side effects from Ovasitol. Studies have shown that inositol is safe and well-tolerated when taken at the typical recommended dose of 4,000 mg a day.
        Can I take Ovasitol with other nutritional supplements?
        Yes. You can take Ovasitol with most other dietary supplements. However, if you’re considering Ovasitol and DHEA together, please check with your healthcare provider. DHEA may raise testosterone levels and counteract the potential benefits of an inositol supplement in certain individuals.
        Can I take Ovasitol with prescription medications?

        Ovasitol can be safely taken along with most prescription medications, including birth control. As with any dietary supplement, discuss with your pharmacist and/or healthcare team to determine whether Ovasitol can be taken along with your medications.

        If you are considering Ovasitol and have a prescription to manage your blood sugar, please check with your healthcare provider.

        If you take thyroid medication, separate from Ovasitol by at least one hour.