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Supplements From Science

At Theralogix, our methodology is simple: We only create products that are backed by published scientific evidence. To ensure that we stay true to this unwavering commitment, we prioritize research that demonstrates our products will address a specific need.

As science evolves, so do we, continuing to develop new products and improve current ones.​

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Exceptional Ingredients, Without Exception

We never compromise on quality. We source only the finest ingredients to maximize performance and bioavailability and we prioritize the specific nutrient forms used in published clinical research.​

Certified Pure

Not all supplements are created equal. Our products are certified for content accuracy and purity by NSF® International – one of the most rigorous third-party dietary supplement testing programs in the world. It’s your guarantee that they contain everything they should, and nothing they shouldn’t. 

And it’s never one and done. Our supplements are continually tested so you can trust every single product, every single time.  ​

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Referred & Preferred for Decades

Thousands of physicians and other healthcare providers around the country have recommended us to their patients since 2002.

Over a million referrals and counting.

Our supplements are the top choice for providers and patients who rely on superior quality. ​

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Clinical Trials

Another reason to feel good about choosing Theralogix: Top universities do, too. Research institutions, including the National Institutes of Health, Harvard University, and Cornell-Weill Medical College, have chosen to use Theralogix products in ongoing clinical trials. They trust our supplements for their high-quality and content-accurate formulations.

We’re honored that our work helps further the field of nutritional science.​

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Long-Term Health

Long-term health requires a long-term commitment. That’s why we support you with a convenient auto-refill program that ensures you have an uninterrupted supply of the nutrients you need. At Theralogix, we’re with you every step of the way. ​

A Physician on a Mission

At the heart of the Theralogix brand is physician and Chief Science Officer, Dr. Mark Ratner. In 2002, he founded the company to create nutritional supplements that healthcare providers could believe in – and patients could benefit from.

Guided by physicians and scientists at the nation’s leading hospitals and academic medical centers, the Theralogix product family launched with a single men’s health supplement.

Our product line has now grown to 30+ supplements spanning multiple specialties – fertility, rheumatology, urology, women’s health, and more.​