Canabrex® PEA Supplement

60-day supply
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Canabrex provides evidence-based palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) for whole-body health.* 

  • Superior absorption: 300 mg of solubilized PEA with LipiSperse® technology to maximize bioavailability.* 
  • Promotes nerve and joint health.* 
  • Supports restfulness and quality sleep.*  
  • Maintains a healthy immune system.* 

    Independently tested and certified by NSF® International. Manufactured in the USA in a GMP-compliant facility.


    Take one capsule, twice per day with food, or as recommended by your healthcare provider.

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    What is PEA?
    PEA goes by many names: palmitate monoethanolamide, palmitic acid monoethanolamide, or palmitoylethanolamide. It’s a fatty acid amide found in egg yolks, peanuts and soybeans, and it’s also naturally made in the body as part of a healthy immune response.* PEA supports healthy immune, sleep, nerve, and joint function.*
    How is Canabrex different from other PEA supplements?
  • Independently tested and certified. Canabrex is tested and certified by NSF® International for content accuracy and purity, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

  • Enhanced absorption. Canabrex contains solubilized PEA formulated with LipiSperse®, an advanced cold water dispersion technology, which increases absorption and bioavailability of PEA by 175% compared to standard PEA.*

  • Quality you can trust. Canabrex is manufactured in the USA in a cGMP compliant facility.
  • Who is likely to benefit from Canabrex?
    Individuals seeking immune, sleep, nerve, and joint support can benefit from Canabrex.* Studies have shown that PEA supports immune health, sleep, and nerve and joint function, and also promotes overall well-being in adults.*
    How long should I take Canabrex?
    Canabrex is designed for ongoing daily use. Studies lasting up to a year in duration have demonstrated the safety and health benefits of PEA.* Talk to your healthcare provider for more information.
    What is the recommended dose for Canabrex?
    The suggested daily dose of Canabrex is one capsule, twice a day. Some physicians may recommend a higher or lower dose for certain individuals. Check with your doctor or healthcare provider for individual recommendations.
    Can I buy Canabrex internationally?
    If you are in Canada, you can buy Canabrex (TheraBrex) online directly from Theralogix Canada.

    For other international countries, please contact us to find out if Theralogix products are available or can be shipped to your country.

    Are there any expected side effects from taking Canabrex?
    No. PEA occurs naturally in the body and is in many foods. No side effects have been reported with its use.
    Will Canabrex interact with any medications or other dietary supplements?
    There are no known medication or dietary supplement interactions with PEA.