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How PEA (Palmitoylethanolamide) Could Help Support Your Immune System
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How PEA (Palmitoylethanolamide) Could Help Support Your Immune System

As summer rolls into fall and chillier temperatures bring gatherings indoors, close quarters give germs the perfect environment to spread. Good immune health habits like a healthy diet, regular physical activity, washing your hands frequently, and getting plenty of sleep go a long way. But, everyone is always looking for new ways to support their immune systems.  

While palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) may not be as well-known as other nutrients touted for their immune health properties (like vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc), it offers major benefits for your immune system. * Find out what PEA is and how it can keep your immune system functioning at its best.*  

What is PEA?  

PEA goes by many names: palmitoylethanolamide, palmitate monoethanolamide, or palmitic acid monoethanolamide. But you can call it PEA for short. It’s a naturally occurring fat-like compound called a fatty acid amide found in egg yolks and some plant foods, and it’s made in the body to support a healthy immune response.*    

How does PEA work to promote a healthy immune system?*  

The immune benefits of PEA can be traced back to the 1930s, when researchers discovered that feeding dried egg yolk to children enhanced their immune response.* In the 1950s, researchers identified a substance in egg yolk, later determined to be PEA, that provided allergy and immune health benefits.* Research continued, and by the 1970s, the immune benefits of PEA were well-established.* Today, PEA is known to be a safe and effective choice to promote a healthy immune response.*  

So, how does PEA actually work?  PEA is made and released on demand in response to challenges to the body. PEA serves as a negative feedback signal, keeping the immune system in check and preventing it from going into overdrive.*  It also helps regulate mast cells, a type of immune cell, by  helping them shift from immune activation to a resting phase, which prevents the immune system from over-reacting.* More simply put, PEA helps assure a healthy and effective immune response.*  

How can you get more PEA?  

While PEA is present in small amounts in food, the easiest way to get a higher dose of PEA is with a high-quality PEA supplement. Be sure to choose a supplement that’s independently tested and certified by a trusted organization, like NSF® International or USP®. It’s your best guarantee that your PEA supplement contains everything it should, and nothing it shouldn’t.  

In addition to healthy lifestyle habits to promote a healthy immune system, consider adding PEA to your daily routine for extra support.* It plays a key role in immune function, and can help keep you feeling your best.* Remember that not all PEA supplements are created equally, so take care in choosing one that’s independently tested and certified to keep you safe and healthy.  



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