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TheraCal® Nutritional Supplement

90-day supply
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TheraCal is a comprehensive bone health supplement formulated to maintain strong bones and support a healthy, active lifestyle.* 

  • A synergistic combination of calcium citrate, vitamin D3, magnesium, vitamin K2, and boron to build and maintain bone strength.* 
  • Flexible dosing: Available with 50 mcg (2,000 IU) or 100 mcg (4,000 IU) of vitamin D3 to support your individual needs.  
  • Premium, bioavailable nutrients for optimal absorption.* 

    Independently tested and certified by NSF® International. Manufactured in the USA in a GMP-compliant facility.


    Take two tablets, twice a day, or as directed by your healthcare provider.

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    How is TheraCal different from other bone health supplements?
    Many bone health supplements only offer a combination of vitamin D and calcium, but it takes a team of nutrients for comprehensive bone support. TheraCal is formulated with the highest quality ingredients for optimal bioavailability, and each nutrient has a specific purpose to support bone health.*

  • Calcium provides strength and structure within your bones.* The particular form of calcium in TheraCal, calcium citrate, offers superior bioavailability and is well-absorbed, even in those taking an acid-reducing medication.*
  • Vitamin D3 promotes calcium absorption and supports healthy vitamin D levels.*
  • Magnesium helps activate vitamin D and plays an important role in bone formation.*
  • Vitamin K2 helps vitamin D deposit calcium in the bone, and not in the arteries. These two nutrients work together to support optimal bone and heart health.*
  • Boron is a key trace mineral necessary for calcium and vitamin D metabolism.*

    TheraCal is also independently tested by NSF® International for content accuracy and purity, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

  • What if I have a hard time swallowing TheraCal?
    TheraCal tablets are scored to make it easy for you to cut the tablet in half. You may also crush the tablet and mix it with applesauce, yogurt, or another preferred food. Cutting or crushing the tablet will not decrease the effectiveness of the nutrients.
    I'm taking a medication for bone health. Do I also need to take TheraCal?
    Yes, TheraCal is designed to be taken along with these medications. The most commonly recommended medications for bone health are bisphosphonates (Fosamax®, Actonel®, Boniva®, Reclast®, Zometa®) and denosumab injections (Prolia® and Xgeva®). These treatments are effective for building bone but can lower your blood calcium level. That’s why taking a calcium and vitamin D supplement (such as TheraCal) along with these medications is essential.
    Are there any side effects from TheraCal?
    Although there are no expected side effects from TheraCal, taking high doses of calcium may increase the chances of constipation in some people. TheraCal also contains magnesium, which should help decrease the risk of constipation.
    Can I take other nutritional supplements with TheraCal?
    Yes. You can continue to take most other nutritional supplements along with TheraCal. Companion is a multivitamin and mineral supplement specifically formulated for use along with TheraCal.
    Does TheraCal interact with any prescription medications?
    The list below includes some of the more common potential interactions. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list or take the place of advice from your healthcare provider. As with any dietary supplement, discuss with your pharmacist and/or healthcare team to determine whether TheraCal can be taken along with your medications.

    Antibiotics: Taking calcium and magnesium (in TheraCal) along with antibiotics can decrease their absorption and effectiveness. Depending on which antibiotic is prescribed, you may need to separate TheraCal from the antibiotic, as indicated below.

    • Tetracycline antibiotics (doxycycline, minocycline, demeclocycline): Separate by 4 hours. 
    • Quinolone antibiotics (Ciprofloxacin (Cipro), gemifloxacin (Factive), levofloxacin (Levaquin), Moxifloxacin (Avelox)): Separate by 6 hours.

    Calcipotriene (Dovonex): Taking calcium along with this medication may increase calcium levels in the blood.

    Diltiazem (Cardizem): Taking calcium along with this medication may increase calcium levels in the blood and reduce the effectiveness of this medication.

    Lithium: Taking calcium along with this medication may increase calcium levels in the blood.

    Oral Bisphosphonates (i.e., alendronate (Fosamax), etidronate (Didronel), risedronate (Actonel), ibandronate (Boniva), tiludronate (Skelid)): Magnesium and calcium can decrease the absorption of these medications. Separate by 2 hours.

    Sotalol (Betapace): Calcium may reduce the absorption of this medication. Take this medication at least 2 hours before or 4-6 hours after TheraCal.

    Thiazide diuretics (water pills): Taking TheraCal along with this medication may cause too much calcium in the body. You may need to have your calcium levels monitored regularly if you’re taking TheraCal along with this medication.

    Thyroid hormone (levothyroxine, Synthroid): Calcium can reduce the absorption of these medications. Separate by at least 4 hours.

    Verapamil (Calan): Taking calcium along with this medication may increase calcium levels in the blood and reduce the effectiveness of this medication.

    Warfarin (Coumadin): Vitamin K is involved in blood clotting. Consult with your healthcare provider before starting TheraCal and continue to have your INR monitored regularly.