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Our Story is Your Story.

Theralogix shares a common value with you. In a world of endless choices, our goal is to provide you high-quality, independently tested and research-based nutritional supplements that you and your healthcare provider can trust.

Since Theralogix was established in 2002, there has been a growing awareness that nutritional supplements taken along with a healthful diet and lifestyle, can play an important role in achieving optimal health.

Theralogix guiding principle is to produce nutritional supplements that are based on current scientific research, using only the highest quality ingredients to meet your individual needs.

Our Future Together

Close to 20 years and over 30 products later, thousands of customers and their healthcare providers have come to trust Theralogix supplements.

In a market where finding trustworthy supplements can be a challenge, Theralogix answers this unmet need. Theralogix is committed to following the science wherever it leads, and continues to provide evidence-based, content-certified supplements that are competitively priced and best in class.

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