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Supplements from Science

At Theralogix, we only create products that are backed by published scientific evidence. To ensure that we stay true to this unwavering commitment, we prioritize research that demonstrates our products will address a specific need.

As science evolves, so do we, continuing to develop new products and improve current ones.

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Good for Business. Better for Health.

Ovasitol®TheraCran® OneOvavite®, and more. Our scientifically-formulated, independently-tested supplements supporting fertility, urology, and women’s health are now available on Fullscript.

Integrative Health Supplements

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Partner with Theralogix 

Contact us to learn more about our partnership programs that can complement your care and generate additional practice revenue. 

By becoming a Theralogix provider, you can also provide your clients with preferred product pricing, exclusive discounts, and free shipping.

For more information, please reach out to our Sales & Marketing Representative, Jessica Gabriel.