Prostate 2.4 Nutritional Supplement

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The product that started it all. The Theralogix product family launched with Prostate 2.0 in 2003, and over the past two decades it’s evolved into Prostate 2.4, making sure you always get the most up-to-date, research-backed formulation for prostate health.* 
  • Everything you need, nothing you don’t: Formulated with six key vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, each proven to promote optimal prostate health.* No proprietary blends, unnecessary nutrients, or undisclosed ingredients.  
  • Top-quality nutrients: Lycored Lycopene whole tomato extract, soy isoflavones from Novasoy® whole soybean extract, selenium, vitamin D3, and vitamin E (natural mixed tocopherols). 
  • Our top physician-recommended prostate health supplement for two decades. 

      Independently tested and certified by NSF® International. Manufactured in the USA in a GMP-compliant facility.


      Take two capsules per day with food. Capsules can be taken together or at separate times of the day.


      Contains soy.

      Frequently Purchased Together

      What is the difference between Prostate 2.4, Prostate PQ, and Prostate SR?
      Each prostate product contains different nutrients that target different aspects of prostate health.* All three prostate products can be taken together, depending on your needs.

    • Prostate 2.4 contains vitamin E, vitamin D, selenium, lycopene, and soy, and is formulated for general prostate health.*

    • Prostate PQ contains a rye grass flower pollen extract and quercetin to support pelvic and prostate health, as well as healthy urinary tract function.*

    • Prostate SR contains a clinical-strength saw palmetto extract and phytosterol blend (beta-sitosterol) to promote healthy urinary frequency, flow, and function.*
    • How is Prostate 2.4 different than other prostate health supplements?
      Prostate 2.4 is based on the most recent scientific research, formulated with key vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that have been shown to promote prostate health.* You’ll never find any proprietary blends, undisclosed ingredients, or unnecessary nutrients in Prostate 2.4. It delivers everything you need for prostate health, and nothing you don’t.*

      Two capsules per day provide:

    • Lycopene: 30 mg from Lycored Lycopene™, a whole tomato extract. Lycopene is an antioxidant supported by clinical studies to promote prostate health.*
    • Soy isoflavones: 50 mg from Novasoy®, a whole soybean extract, providing naturally occurring soy isoflavones (genistin, daidzin, and glycitin) in the same ratio as soybeans. Studies with Novasoy® have shown the most benefits for prostate health.*
    • Vitamin D3: 60 mcg (2,400 IU) to promote a healthy vitamin D blood level, which supports prostate and overall health.*
    • Vitamin E: A blend of natural vitamin E, including 20 mg from mixed tocopherols and 50 mg from gamma-tocopherol. Research suggests that a natural mix of tocopherols, and a higher level of gamma-tocopherol, is optimal for prostate health.*
    • Selenium: 55 mcg from high-selenium yeast. Selenium is a mineral that functions as an antioxidant and is beneficial for prostate health.*

      Prostate 2.4 is also independently tested and certified for content accuracy and purity by NSF® International, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

    • Who is likely to benefit from Prostate 2.4?
      Men seeking to support overall prostate health may benefit from Prostate 2.4.* Research confirms that diet and lifestyle choices impact prostate health. Prostate 2.4 is a combination of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals (plant nutrients) carefully formulated based on scientific research, and it’s updated as new prostate health research emerges, ensuring you always get the most effective formulation.*

      While the nutrients in Prostate 2.4 occur naturally in food, most do not consume adequate amounts through diet alone. So, supplementation can be beneficial for optimal prostate health.*

      Does Prostate 2.4 contain safe doses of each nutrient?
      Yes, Prostate 2.4 contains safe doses of each nutrient.* Most vitamins and minerals have a Tolerable Upper Intake Level (UL), which is the highest amount you can safely take each day. The levels of vitamin E, vitamin D, and selenium in Prostate 2.4 are below the UL. Although there are no ULs established for lycopene and soy isoflavones, studies have shown the amounts in Prostate 2.4 are safe.*

      The amount of lycopene in Prostate 2.4 is equivalent to approximately ¾ cup of tomato sauce or 1 ¼ cup of tomato juice. The dose of soy isoflavones found in Prostate 2.4 is equivalent to about 2 cups of soy milk or 1 cup of tofu.

      Why are there black dots in the Prostate 2.4 capsule?
      The capsule is clear, so you can see all the nutrients in the capsule. The black dots are lycopene. Depending on how the contents of each capsule settle, you may see many or few black dots in the capsule.
      Are there any side effects from taking Prostate 2.4?
      No. There are no expected side effects from Prostate 2.4.
      Is there anyone who should not take Prostate 2.4?
      Yes. If you are allergic to any of the components in Prostate 2.4, such as tomatoes or soy, you should not take Prostate 2.4.
      Can I take other nutritional supplements with Prostate 2.4?
      Yes, certain supplements can be taken along with Prostate 2.4, including our other Theralogix prostate products, NeoQ10, OptiFlex Complete, Canabrex, CalMag Thins, and more.

      If you’d like to take a multivitamin along with Prostate 2.4, consider Companion. This multivitamin is specifically formulated for use along with Prostate 2.4. Avoid supplements with large doses of nutrients already in Prostate 2.4.

      Does Prostate 2.4 interact with prescription medications?
      The list below includes some of the more common potential interactions. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list or take the place of advice from your healthcare provider. As with any dietary supplement, discuss with your pharmacist and/or healthcare team to determine whether Prostate 2.4 can be taken along with your medications.

      Thyroid hormone (levothyroxine, Synthroid): Soy isoflavones may interfere with the absorption of thyroid hormone. Separate by at least 4 hours.