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What Sets Theralogix Apart 
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What Sets Theralogix Apart 

You’ve got endless choices in the supplement world. In fact, it’s estimated that over 1,000 new dietary supplements hit the market every single year, and they’re all right at your fingertips – lining the shelves of your local pharmacy, in the natural foods section of your grocery store, or delivered to your door with the click of a button.

So, why choose Theralogix?

All too often, you feel like you’ve been overpromised and underdelivered. But at Theralogix, we deliver. We strive to exceed your expectations and your standards. Here’s how we set ourselves apart.

1. Supplements From Science

Science is at the heart of health. Without scientific research, we wouldn’t recognize the impact nutrition has on the human body. We wouldn’t know the many valuable roles vitamin D plays in bone, immune, and heart health.* We wouldn’t understand the importance of certain nutrients during pregnancy, like folate, choline, and iron. And we certainly wouldn’t grasp the antioxidant power of compounds like curcumin.

That’s why Theralogix leads with science – it’s the backbone of our brand. Over the past two decades, we’ve focused on creating high-quality, research-based supplements. So, you can be confident that every Theralogix product you choose has solid scientific evidence to back up its formulation.

2. Premium Ingredients

We believe that what goes into your supplements determines what you get out of them. So, we work with top manufacturers in the United States to source the best raw materials for our products, always prioritizing quality and performance. Plus, all active ingredients are tested by the manufacturer before they ever become a part of our products to make sure they’re safe and that they match the specifications on their certificate of analysis (COA).

3. Clean Labeling

We do our best to include the ingredients you need – and none that you don’t. All Theralogix products are artificial dye-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free, and you’ll never find any proprietary blends or undisclosed ingredients in our supplements.

4. NSF® International Certification

Research-based formulations, premium ingredients, and clean labeling aside, there’s one thing you absolutely need in your supplement brand: trust.

While medications undergo rigorous testing and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval before hitting the market, there’s no such thing as an “FDA-approved dietary supplement.” In most cases, dietary supplements aren’t required to go through any testing at all.

At Theralogix, we go above and beyond to earn your trust. We work closely with NSF International, a global leader in dietary supplement testing and certification, to verify our products for content accuracy and purity. This means that what’s in the product matches the label, and it’s free of harmful contaminants, like bacteria and heavy metals.

Interested in learning more about NSF certification and why it matters? Check out this blog next: “Our Supplements are NSF Certified – Why You Should Care.”

5. Medical Advisory Board (MAB) Oversight

The Theralogix team is full of bright minds that follow emerging research to formulate new supplements and source the highest quality ingredients available. Still, we know the power of collaboration – it makes bright minds even brighter.

So, we enlist the help of our MAB, comprised of physicians, outstanding research scientists, and faculty members of leading U.S. medical schools, to approve new supplements and offer guidance on improving existing formulations.

6. Physician Recommended

Thousands of doctors across the country trust Theralogix – not just for themselves, but for their patients, too. After twenty years of growing our line of research-based supplements, we’re one of the top physician-recommended brands in fertility, urology, rheumatology, and women’s health.

7. Registered Dietitian Team

When you choose Theralogix, you gain complimentary access to our team of registered dietitians to answer your nutrition-related supplement questions, guide you toward the best supplements for you, and help you feel confident in your supplement routine. You can reach the Theralogix dietitians by visiting the “Contact Us” page of our website.

“Why Theralogix?” This is why. Our commitment to providing the highest-quality, scientifically formulated supplements with premium ingredients is all for you. Supplements you can trust – that’s us.



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