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Health Benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin*   
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Health Benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin*   

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of turmeric. In fact, you probably have a tin of turmeric lurking somewhere in your spice cabinet – and now, it may be time to move it front and center.

Here’s why:

Turmeric is linked to several health benefits, including joint health, heart health, healthy aging, and even healthy glucose metabolism.*

Learn more about turmeric, what makes it so powerful, and how you can include more in your diet and supplement routine.

What are turmeric and curcumin?

Turmeric goes by many different names – Indian saffron, turmeric root, or even Curcuma longa if you prefer its proper Latin name. It’s a plant native to Southeast Asia, and while you may not recognize it in the wild, you’re likely familiar with the rich, golden spice that’s made from its rhizomes (the underground stem of certain plants).

For thousands of years, turmeric has been used in culinary arts to create deep, complex flavor profiles and delicious dishes. But turmeric also has a long-standing history in traditional medicine, and modern research is figuring out why.

It all comes down to plant power. Turmeric contains a whole family of plant compounds called curcuminoids. But researchers have linked most of the health benefits of turmeric to one specific curcuminoid – curcumin.* Think of it as the “golden child” of this golden spice.

What are the health benefits of turmeric and curcumin?*

Curcumin is an antioxidant – it helps your cells and body continue to function optimally.* Check out a few ways turmeric and curcumin may benefit you.

Joint health*

Research suggests that turmeric and curcumin may help keep your joints moving with ease so you can keep up with your active lifestyle for years to come.*

Heart health*

Although more human research is needed, preliminary studies focusing on heart health and curcumin are promising, indicating that it may help promote healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.*

Healthy aging*

Lifestyle habits like a healthy diet, regular physical activity, smart sun exposure, and adequate sleep can all help you age gracefully. But emerging research suggests that curcumin may help support healthy aging, too, and partial credit may go to its antioxidant power.*

Healthy glucose metabolism*

Glucose (sugar) is your body’s main energy source. When you eat carbohydrate-rich foods like fruit, starchy vegetables, bread, or pasta, your body breaks them down into sugar. Then, that sugar enters your bloodstream and tells your pancreas to make insulin.

Insulin is like a key – it allows your cells to use the sugar from your blood to power your organs, maintain your energy, and keep your body healthy. Studies show that curcumin supports healthy use of insulin and promotes healthy blood sugar levels.*

How can you pump up your turmeric and curcumin intake?

With a deep, golden color and rich, earthy flavor, turmeric is perfect in dishes like curry, soups, chicken, and roasted vegetables. Some people even drink turmeric in tea. But including more turmeric in your diet is just one piece of the puzzle. Curcumin (and other curcuminoids) aren’t very bioavailable, which means it’s hard for your body to absorb and use them.

So, many people turn to supplements. But it’s important to remember that not all turmeric curcumin supplements are created equal – be sure to choose one with an enhanced absorption formula so you can unlock the full potential of turmeric and curcuminoids.*

Turmeric and curcumin offer some valuable health benefits – and you can cash in starting right in your own kitchen. If you want to make the most of turmeric, curcumin, and other curcuminoids, consider adding an enhanced absorption turmeric curcumin supplement to your daily routine. As with any new supplement, it’s important to check with your healthcare provider to make sure it’s right for you.

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