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Nutritional Supplement Green Flags: What to Look for When Shopping for Supplements  
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Nutritional Supplement Green Flags: What to Look for When Shopping for Supplements  

Dietary supplements are exploding in popularity. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) estimated that there were about 29,000 dietary supplements on the market in 2000 – but that was over twenty years ago. Now, there may be as many as 90,000 dietary supplements available, and you’ll find them everywhere. They’re lining the shelves at the grocery or health foods store, they’re all over the internet, and your long-lost high school friend might even pop into your social media inbox wondering if you’re interested in the latest dietary supplement they’re selling.

About 80% of Americans use dietary supplements – that’s four out of every five people! And what’s more, 79% of people believe that the supplement industry is trustworthy.

It’s important to trust the dietary supplements you put in your body, but it’s still fair to maintain some skepticism. Dietary supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA in the same way as medications, so it’s important to evaluate the dietary supplements you already have and any supplements you’re thinking about adding to your daily routine.

Make your dietary supplements earn your trust – look for these green flags to make the best choices when it comes to supplements.

1. It undergoes third-party testing and certification.

While medications require rigorous testing before they hit the market, dietary supplements don’t. In most cases, they aren’t required to go through any testing at all. And without testing and certification, there’s no guarantee that your product has what it claims on the supplement facts label or that it is free of harmful contaminants.

Look for a product that bears the NSF® International or USP® seal – that’s your first green flag. NSF International and USP are leaders in supplement testing and certification, so choosing a product that meets their high standards ensures that your product has everything it should and nothing it shouldn’t.

2. It doesn’t contain proprietary blends.

Some dietary supplements contain proprietary blends, kind of like a secret formula. But there’s no place for secrets in your supplements.

While all ingredients of a proprietary blend must be listed on the supplement facts panel (from highest to lowest), the amount of each ingredient isn’t required. So, you don’t know exactly what you’re getting. Proprietary blends may go by other names too, like a “matrix,” “blend,” “complex,” or “proprietary formulation.” If you see any of these terms, you may want to pass on that product.

3. It doesn’t claim to treat or cure a disease.

Dietary supplements aren’t intended to treat, cure, or prevent any kind of disease – and they’re not allowed to make claims that they do. There’s no such thing as a miracle pill, and if your supplement sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

4. There’s scientific evidence to back up its formulation.

Just because a supplement exists doesn’t mean it works. If there’s no solid scientific research to back up the nutrients in the product, then it might not live up to your expectations. So, make sure you only choose evidence-based products. And if you have questions about a product’s formulation, don’t hesitate to reach out to the company. Some (like Theralogix) even have registered dietitians on board to help answer any questions you may have. Now that’s a green flag.

5. You can find the Supplement Facts panel (SFP) very easily on the website.

The Supplement Facts panel is key when you’re evaluating dietary supplements. It lists the nutrients that are in a supplement, as well as the amount of each nutrient. Without it, you’d have no idea what’s in the product.

Trustworthy supplements proudly display their SFP in plain sight on their website – you shouldn’t have to dig to find out what’s in a product. And if you do, it might not be the right supplement for you.

While supplements can’t replace a balanced diet, they can still have a place in your daily routine to help support heart health, immune health, bone health, an active lifestyle, and more.* It’s important to carefully evaluate all your supplements for quality and safety, but Theralogix makes it easy. When you choose a Theralogix supplement, you can be confident that it waves all five green flags.

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