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Post-Holiday Shipping Times &
Theralogix Update Regarding Coronavirus

While Theralogix continues to commit to shipping orders quickly and on time, shipping carriers are still recovering from unprecedented package volume during the past holiday season. This may cause them to deliver packages later than anticipated. If your order status shows as “shipped”, please be assured that it has left our facility and is on its way to your destination.

For more details, or to track your shipment, please click on the link-https://theralogix.com/pages/track-your-shipment
or contact us at 800-449-4447

Theralogix is monitoring our carrier delivery times and we may make adjustments in the carriers we choose, as well as selecting more expeditious services at no charge to try to minimize the impact to our customers. Additionally, we have temporarily suspended expedited shipping options on our website as carriers are not able to guarantee that they will meet the expedited standards. Customers can choose further expedited services by calling us at (800) 449-4447.

Like you, and many companies, Theralogix is monitoring the coronavirus and its effects. We are taking all reasonable actions to address the virus within our business, and doing all that we can to reduce the spread of the virus and to minimize its impact to our customers.

Current Shipping Delays and Steps We have Taken. We are experiencing shipping delivery delays regionally with both the US postal service and other carriers. Therefore, Theralogix has taken the following steps to manage our shipping and reduce delays:

  • Theralogix continues to utilize priority mail and other expedited shipping methods at no charge to customers. Some carriers however are experiencing delivery times that are slightly longer than their normal service level.

  • We are no longer offering overnight or accelerated delivery options because we cannot guarantee those delivery times will be met. If you would still like to choose an accelerated delivery method, you can call us at (800) 449-4447 to discuss those options and expected delivery times.

Quality Control and Safety. Theralogix products are manufactured in the United States following the FDA guidance for good manufacturing practices. Theralogix takes the additional step of requiring that our manufacturers are certified through NSF International, an independent third-party program. This rigorous certification program ensures that beginning with the sourcing of raw materials, and including all steps of the manufacturing process, all measures are taken to ensure the purity, cleanliness and sanitation of facilities and equipment, as well as handling and packaging of our products. Ingredients are tested throughout the manufacturing process and inspections continue through the completion and packaging of our products. To see more information regarding the NSF certification program, please visit its website at http://www.nsf.org/. Specific testing and certification information for Theralogix and our products are also available on the NSF website.

Restrictions or concerns about receiving your deliveries? We will make every effort to deliver your order to you. If you are experiencing any restrictions to your deliveries, if you have any special circumstances or concerns, or if you need us to use a specific delivery method or carrier, we are happy to assist you. You can manage your account online, including changing delivery addresses and adjusting shipping dates. Navigate to the login tab of this website to manage your account online 24/7, or call toll-free 800-449-4447.

Currently, we see minimal impact to our ability to deliver our products to customers. We operate within a global supply chain and are working with our many material suppliers to ensure we continue to have the materials we need to continue to supply high quality products to you. In many cases, we have already built in redundancies in our suppliers, and in other cases, we have sought additional suppliers to reduce the risk of being out of stock. We have also increased inventories or advanced production to ensure that we will continue to be in stock for our customers.

Delivery to your doorstep. Our direct to consumer, mail delivery business model means that your product is conveniently delivered to your doorstep, without requiring that you visit a pharmacy or other retail store to receive your order. We are working with our fulfillment centers to ensure that deliveries continue, and that all precautions are being taken so that your product is handled in a safe and sanitary manner.

Caring for our employees helps us care for you. Our strict measures for sanitation in our fulfillment centers are both protective of our employees and your product.

To keep up to date on the latest information regarding the coronavirus, we recommend you follow CDC guidelines.

Contact us with any question at solutions@theralogix.com or call us at 800-449-4447.

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