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TheraNatal One
An easy-to-swallow prenatal supplement formulated with DHA for women during pregnancy.
A 100% pure inositol supplement designed to promote menstrual regularity and normal ovarian function.*
TheraNatal Core
A daily preconception vitamin for any woman trying to conceive.
A highly purified omega-3 fish oil supplement, rich in EPA and DHA. TherOmega 3 Fish Oil supplements are derived from a sustainable source.

Brand Center

The Theralogix brand is a reflection of everything we do and say, both in print and online. Therefore it is important that the use of our brand assets maintain a clear and unified brand identity. Commonly requested brand assets and guidelines or their proper use are available below.

Email Bulletins

As a Theralogix partner, you will regularly receive email bulletins that help keep you in-the-know. In the future, you will be able to access this section to see archived email messages including clinical updates, product notifications, and tips for making the most out of the program.
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