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Men's Health: Focus on Prostate

As men get older, they may find themselves paying more attention to their health concerns and less attention to what really matters: living their best lives. You should be free to experience all that life has to offer, without limitations.

That’s why Theralogix is pleased to offer three different nutritional supplements specifically designed for men to help promote prostate health.* Read on to learn more about how each of these products can help you live beyond your limits. Naturally.
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Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

You already know that a healthy diet and regular exercise can help you stay active as you age. Some men, however, may have a family history of prostate health issues. Others may be discussing more serious prostate issues with their urologists. In either case, certain nutrients can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle in your senior years.

Reclaim Your Routine

Unplanned, urgent trips to the bathroom can make it difficult to participate in the activities you love. These interruptions can also keep you from getting a good night’s sleep. You can reclaim your routine with the help of certain nutrients shown to promote normal urinary tract function in men.

Take Comfort in Comfort Again

Occasionally men start to experience a vague discomfort “down there” that can be difficult to pinpoint. If this sounds familiar and is something that you’ve discussed with your urologist, take comfort in comfort again with the help of certain nutrients.

Save 20% in the Month of June

During Men's Health Month, you can save 20% on your first shipment of any prostate support product.** Simply use code MensHealth20 at checkout, or click the button below to order.
Shop Prostate Support
Prostate 2.4
A unique formula designed to support and maintain a healthy prostate.*

Contains lycopene, soy isoflavones, vitamin D3, selenium & vitamin E
Prostate SR 
Designed to promote normal urinary tract function in men.*

Contains saw palmetto extract & phytosterol blend with beta-sitosterol
Prostate PQ
Designed to support your pelvic and prostate health, as well as promote normal urinary tract function in men.* 

Contains Graminex flower pollen extract & quercetin
**Discount applies only to first shipment of Prostate 2.4, Prostate SR, Prostate PQ, IsoRel, and Prosteon. Discount code expires June 30, 2019. Single-use code can only be used once per customer. Can be used along with valid PRC (Provider Referral Code). Cannot be combined with any other non-PRC discount codes. Offer only valid for online orders.

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