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The vitamin and nutrition supplement company Theralogix offers Canabrex to support a healthy immune response, promoting mental well-being and a healthy quality of life.
What is PEA?
PEA (Palmitate Monoethanolamide or Palmitoylethanolamide) is naturally produced
by our bodies in response to inflammation.
It is also found in certain foods. PEA is part of
a healthy immune response. It promotes mental well-being and a healthy quality of life.*

PEA works in a very similar way to cannabidiol (CBD), however PEA doesn’t come from cannabis.  Read on to learn more about how PEA works.

Both PEA and CBD are cannabinoids. CBD is
a plant cannabinoid, derived from cannabis (marijuana or hemp). Since PEA is produced 
by our bodies, it is considered an ‘endocannabinoid’ (‘endo’ means ‘within’). 

There are few clinical trials to support the benefits of CBD. However, PEA is safe and well-studied. It has demonstrated benefits in immune, nerve, and joint health.* 
Why Canabrex?
Each capsule of Canabrex contains 300 mg
of solubilized PEA. Canabrex is better absorbed and more bioavailable than standard PEA supplements. 

Canabrex is manufactured in a GMP-compliant facility and is independently third-party
With Canabrex, You Can.
Joint Health
Joint “wear and tear” can keep us from living our most active and healthy lives. Canabrex helps support and maintain healthy joints throughout our bodies. *
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Nerve Health
There are 100 billion nerve cells in the human body. Therefore, nerve health is essential maintaining comfort and a high quality of life. Canabrex promotes healthy nerves throughout our bodies. *
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Mental Health
Mental well-being is as important as physical well-being. In addition to its physical benefits, Canabrex also promotes mental well-being and emotional health. *
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